Pathway 5:


An introduction and discussion along with application of the principles that support the spiritual growth and development of a congregation with emphasis on the importance of constructing community targeted, relationship-based ministry programs to forge lasting relationships with the community, or communities, surrounding a church.

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Duration: 4 Weeks

Platform: 100% online

Format: Readings, Videos, Podcasts, Exercises, Quizzes...

eBook: Fusion: Reimagine & Resource

Price: $25

Questions Answered
in Pathway 5: Program

  1. How do you begin the process of leading a congregation’s spiritual growth and development?
  2. What steps are necessary to determine the needs of a congregation?  
  3. What does a spiritual growth and development process look like? 

Weekly Topics:

Week 1: Understanding Ministry Programming Concepts

After you complete this week’s lesson, you will understand the process of evaluating ministry programs as well as gain an appreciation for the value of completing a congregation profile. You will also learn to recognize the intricacies of evaluating and recommending changes in ministry programs to meet congregational needs. 

Week 2: Redefining Programming For Thriving Congregations

There are three goals for this week’s lesson. The first goal is to understand how to approach changes in ministry programming. Second, you will comprehend the relationship between mission and vision statements and ministry programming. Lastly, you will examine the benefits of congregational participation in changes to ministries and programs. 

Week 3: Programing For Spiritual Growth And Development

This week you will learn to understand “needs–based” spiritual growth, recognize the essential elements in implementing a spiritual growth process, and learn to embrace a process of intentional spiritual growth and development. 

Week 4: Programing For Community Investment

This last week you will learn to discover how spiritual growth results in transformational change. You will also learn to understand the value of investing in an intentional mission and vision. Finally, you will learn to embrace the incredible opportunities of community investment. 

Required Books:

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Included with the purchase
of this course

Fusion: Reimagine & Resource
Structure, Facilities, Plans, Objectives

Book Description:
FUSION explores the connection between the planned programs of the church and its relationship to congregational and community life. The spiritual growth and development of a congregation is essential, and the construction of community-targeted, relationship-based ministry programs requires the understanding of the importance of forging lasting relationships with the community, or communities, surrounding a church. Fortunately, more churches are recognizing the need to establish, pursue, and strengthen their own spiritual growth and their relationship with their communities. They have taken the time to identify the unique characteristics of their communities and reconstructed their ministry programs to address the needs of the community to the best of their ability. As they have pursued this intentional plan, they have grown closer to their communities, and found greater opportunities for ministry with eternal results.

Additional Information:

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Navigating the Call
Cost: $20.00

Book Description:
Water was a significant instrument in the leadership life of Jesus Christ. He was baptized in water, turned water into wine, called disciples who made their living from the water, and performed the ultimate act of servant leadership by washing the feet of His disciples with water. Jesus calmed angry seas, offered Himself as the Living Water, and invited the spiritually dehydrated to drink the water He gives so that they will never be thirsty again. By the grace of God in Jesus Christ, we have a vision of what it looks like to have rivers of living waters flowing from within us. Even in the Book of Revelation as He pronounces, "It is done" and proclaims, "I am the Alpha and the Omega" Jesus extends this invitation: "'Come!' Let the one who is thirsty come, and the one who desires the water of life drink freely." Navigating the Call offers one such invitation to the Christian leader who is committed to the call of pastoral leadership.

The vocational praxis of African-American clergy involves deep inquiry and embodiment of the ministry and teachings of Jesus Christ. African-American pastoral leadership is foundationally contextual and inseparable from the social constructs of justice and marginalization which impact the way we learn, lead, and disseminate the Gospel message of faith, hope, healing, and the love of Christ to all who will receive it. Leadership by navigation offers the African-American pastor a fresh way to faithfully approach and contextually answer the Call. This book is an invitation to explore navigational leadership.

Additional Information:

  • Required reading for all 6 pathways
  • eBook expires 2 years after activation
  • Interested in a physical copy of the book? Purchase HERE

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the D'ART Collective Pathways?

The D’ART Collective Pathways are an exciting, innovative collection of 6 online courses, Pathways, designed to help Christians, pastors, and church leaders strengthen their ministries and impact their community and culture.

What is included in a Pathway?

Each of the 6 Pathways includes a four-week course with curated readings and an eBook (activated through VitalSource) with doctorate level research provided in easy to understand principles to help you develop a strong, thriving congregation, videos and podcasts answering deep questions from Christian thought leaders in the community, and exercises, quizzes, and group questions to push you to integrate your knowledge with your faith and take your ministry into your community.

What is the best way to participate in a Pathway?

D'ART Collective Pathways is designed to be done with a community of believers or local church. Each week, you are encouraged to meet with congregational leaders within your church as part of a Congregational Studies Innovation Learning Lab (C-SIL).

Where can I take Pathways?

Each Pathway is a 100% online course with readings, videos, podcasts, exercises, quizzes, and questions for group discussion.

In what order should I complete Pathways?

Pathways is a set of 6 consecutive courses designed to build upon one another and should be taken in order: Theology, Identity, Community, Process, Program, and Implementation.

How long does a Pathway take to complete?

One Pathway is four weeks.

What do I get when I finish all six Pathways?

Once all 6 Pathways are complete, you will receive a certificate marking your completion of the D'ART Collective Pathways for display.


What is included in my Pathway purchase?

When you purchase a single Pathway, you are given access to a four-week course and an eBook code (activated through VitalSource) for the book connected to the Pathway. The course will remain active for one year after purchase, and the eBook will be available for two years after activation on VitalSource.

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What do I get for the 6 Pathways bundle?

You will receive all 6 Pathways along with codes for all 6 eBooks connected with each Pathway.

Which Pathway do I need the book Navigating the Call?

Navigating the Call has required readings within all 6 Pathways. The eBook will be available for two years after activation on VitalSource.

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